Thank You for Your Nominations

December 13th, 2007

Nominations are now officially closed.

Thanks for your active participation. In total, we received over 82,000 nominations across our twenty award categories.

We will announce the five finalists per award category and open finalist voting on Monday, December 17 Wednesday, December 19.


François says:

‘Hope we’ll see somewhere :)

Ruth says:

A Great Success for the Crunchies. Congrats.…..Fast Game Trades

John Spector says:

The nomination page states…”Check back again on Thursday, December 13 for finalist voting.” The home page states… “Monday, December 17. Make up your minds and fix your inconsistent statements.

dodo says:

Hope Netineo could be in the finalists list

Fred Oliveira says:

John: fixed. Thanks for the notice.

safe rude boys says:

SAFE rude peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!

GZYN says:

will you give the finalists advance notice to help them prep their sites to direct users to your voting page.

caroline says:

Goooooooooooooooooooo nextnewnetworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Jabs says:

Thanks again techcrunch! Can’t wait until Monday!

Ashley says:

I hope to in one of finalist. The largest University Video Hub on the internet.

Nann says:

What’s the selection criteria by the way Hope there’s no black operation like SeedCamp or Techtour.

Alicia from Skimbit says:

How is Best Boot-Strapped startup judged? How do you know how well a boot-strapped company coped with lack of funds? Any chance to put a good word in for us starving and bedraggled founders ;)

katrin says:

I really hope that my beloved hatebook will be placed here :-) ! thanks again for this nice hint on your techcrunch several weeks ago!

marsha says:


Ago says:

I nominate Passpack. I HOPE IT WIN eheh


a cross my finger and hope..and….YES!!! the best start up is HITECHEASY.
Thank you

b says:

art,travel,wierd fun and a giveback mentality what else could one love.Bootstrapped but not over… not in the least .good luck to everyone ! finality is something to look forward to.

anon says:

It’s Monday!

Ana says:

I voted for… hope it will be a finalist:-)
I thought today was the day to announce the finalists, where are they?

norah says:

It’s 17th Dec, still can’t see where to vote!!!!!!

impatient anonymous says:

c’mon people, it’s already tuesday in new zealand! :)

john says:

Any word on when they will announce the finalists?

Franh L. says:

Good luck to Sphere Networks.

Jadmire says:

Sooooo….what time today is this goin down? Gettin a little antsy here!

Jadmire says:

Good luck!

Mark G. says:

Looking forward to it. Hoping to see on the list!

Annette says:

Good luck to the Community of Communities

Stephanie says:

Are the finalists going to be announced today? When?

Lapp says:

Ok we are ready to see who made it!

Austin Hallock says:

Seriously people, are you kidding me? When I see you post “Good luck to [insert my site here] or I hope [url to my site] is a finalist. Have some dignity!

Christene says:

It’s after 7:30 pm Eastern. How long are you going to keep us in suspense?

Kevin C says:

Is this the beginning of the end of TechCrunch? Editorial dates being missed is a sure sign of possible internal problems… Especially published public dates being missed with zero response from the editorial staff on reasons behind the lag.

Steve Jabs says:

Oh let it be. It’s not the end of the world either way if it is posted today or tomorrow or whenever. I’d rather have them do it right than put it up instantly and have to fix it or have it broken.

Uncle Jules says:

So theres 15 minutes left for today eastern time and still nothing. Guess today there wont be any finals listed?

monsieurgrand02 says:

Well, they did have to sort through 82,000 nominations…I can’t imagine how long that would take.

al says:

I hope gets picked. Are you guys hand counting all 82,000 nominations?

Scoop says:

At least a statement about a delay would be nice

b says:

yes it is a long haul when you get such a huge response. I like the fact that I myself from these posts are learning about other sites out there. Other idea’s and it is invigorating to see.
budgetedge I say you have a cool site good luck.
In time we will have the list of nominees I trust in that…. but look at the sheer entertainment we have created for ourselves by continually posting…. it speaks to me of the community that is out there and wants to make their voice heard…..even in the most insignificant way as to say pick me…love me…oh no I am watching too many grays anotomy. And please don’t bash me for knowing pop culture… it is my job. I cannot imagine parseing through so many entry nominations. I say the time and attention being paid to this task will show itself soon with impressive results.
Good night!

g says:

would techcrunch or webreakstuff please have the decency of stepping forward and explaining the delay?

Mandy says:

Everyones excited! It is a good time to check out all the great nominations.

A long over due concept everyone will love from parents to gamers! The potential is huge. The service much needed. Check it out!

umberto says:

Hey dumbos the voting is over, there is no need to try to promote your website on this!

al says:

thanks b! I’m glad you liked the concept.

Any update on when the finalists will be announced?

Jo says:

I mean, Really Techcrunch? 80,000 voters and you don’t even put up a post explaining the delay? A simple, ‘ our vote counters are sick, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible’ would suffice. I expected more out of you.

Tim says:

What is going on?

Gizmodo was able to sort through over 600,000 votes in a few cases within half the time. What is taking so long?

Niki says:

Any update on when the finalist are coming it says the 17th but today is the 18th?

James says:

It’s a shame no one from techcrunch seems to be monitoring this thread. How much longer can they go on without giving an explanation?

in the know says:

It has been cancelled.

Jo says:

Pretty unprofessional of them. That’s too bad.

Fake Arington says:

TechCrunch answers to no one. Your complaints fall upon deaf ears oh puny startups. We will select five of you to put on our pedestal, but only those five who will wash our feet and … you get the idea. We don’t need to stick to deadlines, yes we said the 17th, but it could be today, tomorrow, or a week from now and there is nothing you can do mwah ha ha ha.

BigTone says:

free content…quit whining

John R says:

This will be the last year I participate in one of these voting polls. It’s no wonder I hadn’t heard of tech crunch until someone at my company mentioned it. This has been a very unprofessional experience.

BigTone says:

wow..TC taking most of the beating here for the tardy posting of finalists. Thought this was a collaborative effort by four entities.

Steve Jabs says:

@ John R.

It’s not like you bought a service here and this isn’t eBay.

John R says:

@Steve jabs – no I didn’t buy the service but they shouldn’t offer it if they can’t provide. Its a voting system that takes longer than the Florida recount and its ridiculous.

Steve Jabs says:

@John R

I’m not really trying to open up a debate or an argument. I am merely saying that whether or not they posted them Monday, today, or tomorrow (which they are) it has little bearing on the end of it all. I am sure they will keep the voting period open just as long as they originally said, and there could easily be many factors that related into not getting the nominations out yesterday or today. Finally, it is something that they are doing for us, the start ups. It is free, it is beneficial, and it is just kind. To chastise them for it is actually just pretty lame and uncalled for. That goes for anyone. Not just you. They didn’t have to do this in the first place at all.

Impatient says:

You’re right, TechCrunch is a non-profit and we should all be grateful for their bestowing these awards upon us, in between caring for orphans, saving the environment and just making the world a better place. God bless you TechCrunch each and every one of your bloggers.

Seriously, it looks like they just got a lot more nominations than they had planned on. Good sign really for TC, shows how many people really care what TechCrunch thinks.

j says:

Thanks for the update, appreciate all that you are doing for startups!
Just wanted to let you know this is appreciated.
Good luck to everyone!

JadedTLC says:

I Love SodaHead – very fun; probably closer to web 2.5; innovative and a leader in technology.

Sean says:

My word you all are a bunch of whiny little children. Be patient… The results will show up eventually.

Leah Culver says:

And where’s your API?

Alex says:

Om mani padme hum.

min says:

it’s 19th Dec. still can’t see the finalists online!!!!

James says:

To all those who suggest we “quit whining”: what were you expecting to see on this thread? Why did you even read it? and why shouldn’t we be allowed to ask what’s going on?

jack b says:

Its Wednesday and nothing yet?

John R says:

at 12:00 tonight, the website will say “December 20th”

BigTone says:

Shouldn’t you guys be running your start ups instead of whining and checking here all day to see if you got nominated?

John R says:

Shouldn’t you be running your start up instead of whining about people whining on a tech blog voting forum?

Jason says:

I love deadlines. I like the whoooshing sound they make as they go by!

Rami says:

Thank you for organizing this event.
I urge each of you to visit and vote for
because I believe that it is the most amazing user-driven content website on the net now after wikipedia.

Franh L. says:

Very strange TC usually is on the ball. Must be some serious technical issues they are facing. Whats a few days here and there, as long as this happens.

Mrknowitall says:

my guess is that they are having issues parsing the information ;)

Joe says:

Cant stick to the first deadline.
Cant stick to the second deadline.

Just cancel the fucking thing.

Jo says:

Techcrunch = balldroppers on this one..

Joe says:



does SUCK says:

These events are great to go to for networking and stuff!

Im on the east coast and plan on going. If were nominated cool, if not it’s a great networking opp!

The longer they wait the higher airfare is for this bootstrapped company! Last checked DC to San Fran lowest was $350…..


Uncle Jules says:

another day goes by

jack b says:

This is a joke? Come on TC you are losing your credibility.

Say something,anything!

a duck says:


a pissed off reader says:

WTF? That’s 3 days late and counting…

Daniel says:

I was also hoping to see the results by now… It would be nice if there was some kind of response to the viewers.

Rami says:

why do my fingers look like small people???!?

i am just trying to entertain you guys since everyone seems to be bored or pissed off.

As for me I am calm… very caLM!!!!!! EXTREMELY CALM!!!

COMMMON!!!!!! I want to see who are the finalist!!!!!
Please tell me you didn’t loose all our nominations voting!

Josh says:

I agree with the poster above who said that if this had been a startup, Arrington would have reamed it.

Being overwhelmed by the response is ok but 0 communication is just class-less. I hope they didn’t lose the data because that would take this competition to 0 credibility and really piss a lot of people off.

anon says:

better to be a puny startup than a big website that can’t keep its word. twice!

James says:


Vibhu says:

WTF !! no body is listening…this is crap

fake teccrunch says:

Hi, this is (fake) Techcrunch just letting all of you know that have been visiting the site 50 times a day since last Thursday that we appreciate all the added traffic the crunchies have already gotten us. It was totally worth holding out, because it made us another $25k this month.

Oh yeah, we lost the nominations and had to dig them out of our backup tapes, so that’s what’s taking so long. We will be done by the end of the week.
*Now is that so hard? SOMEONE spend 2 minutes and tell us what’s going on!

al says:

While we wait for the finalists to be announced, please check out I think this is one of the most comprehensive online budgeting/expense tracking tool.

All feedback will be welcome

Cobo says:

Guys ever feeled ripped off when you trade in your games at the local video store. You now have an awesome alternative! check it out

“Best Business Model” everyone wins

I am sure Tech Crunch will make it right

Inflamed says:

Arrington you just lost a reader!

Fred Oliveira says:

G: Well, unfortunately there’s nothing we (Webreakstuff) can do to speed up the nomination process. Right now the voting committee is going through the nominations (which were, as you know in the thousands) and should be done soon. We built the functionality, design and are helping out throughout the process, but it’s up to the 4 blogs to come out with a decision. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance at this point, but I would assume there will be some news today.

Isaac Garcia says:

I think it is only appropriate that one of the sponsoring companies is named “We Break Stuff.”

Marcelo Calbucci says:


Here are some reasonable explanations:

[If you have a blog link to it to call attention to it :-) ]

Jo says:

Sounds more like speculation, but makes sense to me.

Steven W. says:

Combined Joke & Shameless Plug:

I understand the reason is that they can’t pull themselves away from tracking the best and latest breaking news ;)

Seriously, my guess is they’re overwhelmed with the number of submissions and there’s no way to track all the submissions effectively so it’s it’s likely to be a disappointing experience for most … except those with spambots.

There’s an old “Startup 101″ adage about slipping deadlines and whenever that has to be done you always make sure the next date is ROCK solid (see above ).

Regards to all :)

Jadmire says:

Strange, I heard the delay was because they were too busy looking for drink specials at college campuses: :-)

Also a shameless plug, I must admit, but given the lack of progress one must entertain oneself.

IF this whole contest takes shape, good luck to all.

JeffC says:

Anyone interested in leading everyone in campfire songs? I’m sure all parties involved are doing their best to get this ship launched. Let’s not get all bent out of shape over a delay. :-)

Josh says:

The delay isn’t really the issue.

The lack of communication IS the issue.

It is a shame that TechCrunch has time to put up 10 posts a day about other companies, but doesn’t have the time to post a 50 word explanation of what is going on with a contest that bears its name.

jo says:


Steven W. says:

Starup 102: When it comes to crunch time (pardon the cliche) some (OK, I’ll say it, marketing) folks want to just throw something out the door … except that then it goes splat when it lands on the other side. If it’s hot on this thread I imagine it’s hotter inside TC and one presumes they’re taking the time to get it right. This thread may ultimately be most valuable part of the experience as I’ve discovered some neat things posted here … aside from moo :)

does SUCK says:

The cost of airfare rising rapidly is an issue for all us bootstrapped companies!!!

Don’t want to buy 350 to 400 worth of airfare and then learn i missed out on getting a admission ticket.

Please delay this for the little guy! Thank you from all our wallets!

mrgreatness says:

does anyone have another tech blog they like to read that perhaps I should start going to instead. One that has time to keep its readers informed and doesn’t take them for granted and string them along?

EVA says:


Igor says:

i think the is:

i hope it.


Adolph says:

yes, it is.
i like postcrossing, too

HRC says:

please, at what time is the next nomination??

AKW says:

and the winner is???

freecard says:

kann jede Seite mitmachen bei dieser Wahl?


bikini says:

und bis wann muß man sich angemeldet haben??
wann ist die nächste Wahl?


Kevin says:

All the links are add in the Dictionary of Web Content.


freecard says:

i will look.
many thanks Kevin.

Blogi says:

Wann geht es denn wieder los?


Model says:

Wann kann man wieder voten??

ella says:

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